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Colleen & Brad

What a lovely summer afternoon for a wedding. The sun was screaming hot, but that didn’t stop us from having a ton of fun exploring downtown Detroit. Seeing the ice-cream truck drive up and surprise Colleen and Brad was just one of the many moments I was privileged to capture. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

Wendy & Sean

Sometimes being a photographer means getting sand in your ear, running around barefoot, chasing down a tall ship, and getting wet up to your knees in Lake Michigan. If that’s the worst of it, I’ll take it.

Late spring in Michigan is a beautiful time for a wedding and I had a great time spending the day with this amazing group of friends. Wendy and Sean were so happy all day and it was a privilege to be there to capture that joy. Congrats you two!

Karen & Dan

Have you ever had a pasty? How about a pasty in a wedding dress? Karen is one such person that can answer both these questions in the affirmative. Although this was a wedding in “troll” territory, there had to be some Yooper love, for which dinner provided a suitable outlet. The jury’s still out on gravy or ketchup being superior, but this couple votes the latter.