telling stories and making things

Stories are what define us as individuals and unite us as a collective. Through the sharing of our individual life experiences we can broaden the understanding of others and invite them into the vulnerability of our own personal narrative. As a creative, I seek to use my position and privilege to elevate the voices of others and connect those stories with the community around us. Whether through docushorts, a welcoming space, or a single still image, through telling stories and making things, we can all relate to one another.

art is story

Stories are powerful; art is just one way to let them be told.

I love looking at a painting in the real and knowing that I’m in the exact same place in which the painter spent hours working. There is such an immediacy in art, and yet there is such ambiguity. I believe the power of art is in its ability to springboard you into conversation. A ceramicist may bring a piece to a group and in sharing their journey through its creation, they are sharing a story of their life. Through its existence, they are relating a message. Through the act of creating, the artist connects.

I’m a creative who enjoys telling stories across all mediums and platforms. Whether it be short documentary film, 35mm still, an intentional environment, music, graphic design, or people gathering around a meal, we all can connect to one another through our stories.

Interested in making something? Have a story to tell? Let’s be in touch.


broad table studio