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All Kinds of People

The title video I produced for Riverview Church’s series that examined different familial roles and how they functioned in the greater church family.

I sought to create a piece that had a vintage/scrap-book feel that echoed the experiences that everyone has with their family or their memory. In the staging of the set I hoped to include props that could represent multiple different age groups, interests, and relationships. The text overlay transitions from family roles, to emotions triggered by families, to saying the Gospel offers a different/hopeful environment for broken families.


The title video I produced for Riverview Church’s series on the life of Solomon.

Solomon is credited as being the wisest man that has ever lived. He built the temple and his own mansion as amazing works of art and architecture. Over the course of this life, his trajectory wavered and he lost much of what he had. With the video I hoped to represent this building up of a life through the pillars, after which Solomon stumbles and the whole structure shifts to a canted angle. The arrows show his change in trajectory and the words behind him transition from positive characteristics to negative.


The title video I produced for Riverview Church’s Christmas 2014 series that took a closer look at the statements of a few prominent characters in the christmas story. In light of it being Christmas, I took the liberty of producing a more fun and playful video, straying from the usual polished and somber tone that most title videos at Riverview have.