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All My Tears

One of Riverview’s bands “Elisha & The Bears” released their debut EP this fall and we released this video to coincide with its release.


Shot using a static Canon 5D with a prime 28mm lens on the lead vocalist. A static Canon 7D with a prime 50mm lens on the secondary vocalist. A Canon T2i with a prim 50mm lens on a slider in the main room. A Canon 60D with a fixed 50mm on a shoulder mount in the main room.

Lit using one 200w soft box lighting the lead vocalist with an Arri 650 pointed at the ceiling in the main room and a second 200w soft box lighting the secondary vocalist. Available light supplemented the environmental lighting.

Audio provided by sound producer.

Recorded in multiple takes with the bulk of the footage pulled from the chosen studio track, supplemented by non-track takes.


Working off a studio track is amazing in that you have super clean audio, but it proves difficult when the track has been edited beyond the live take. To cover up some of the overdubs in this video I had to splice together available footage to create the illusion of being a fully live video.

Video assistance by Ryne Weber.
Audio recorded by Ryan Wert at Elm Street Studios.

Gifts or Creatures

I’ve been privileged enough to have gotten to know Brandon & Bethany Foote who are behind the Lansing based Americana/Folk Rock project Gifts or Creatures. They’ve been pouring their hearts out in getting ready to release their sophomore album “Yesteryear Western Darkness” on 9/03/13. I’m super excited for the world to receive these sounds; I really think they’ve produced something special and lasting. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be releasing a mini-doc showing the journey of making this album, and what is behind their music.

Below is a live, studio performance of “Woodrow,” which will be on the upcoming record. [It’s also been an honor to work alongside this Michigan dream team of visual artists: John Hanson, Ian Gorman, and Emma Berger]

Gifts or Creatures | Woodrow from Gifts or Creatures on Vimeo.