Gifts or Creatures

I’ve been privileged enough to have gotten to know Brandon & Bethany Foote who are behind the Lansing based Americana/Folk Rock project Gifts or Creatures. They’ve been pouring their hearts out in getting ready to release their sophomore album “Yesteryear Western Darkness” on 9/03/13. I’m super excited for the world to receive these sounds; I really think they’ve produced something special and lasting. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be releasing a mini-doc showing the journey of making this album, and what is behind their music.

Below is a live, studio performance of “Woodrow,” which will be on the upcoming record. [It’s also been an honor to work alongside this Michigan dream team of visual artists: John Hanson, Ian Gorman, and Emma Berger]

Gifts or Creatures | Woodrow from Gifts or Creatures on Vimeo.