Jesus Said What!?

Mar 18, 2015 //

Branding I created for Riverview Church’s series looking at some of the crazy statements of Jesus. The background combines imagery of a cityscape, crowds, and flying birds. It’s a pretty regular site in the Bible that Jesus would start speaking and immediately draw a crowd. At the same time, however, much of what he said turned people away. I hoped to capture this idea through the crowded environment contrasted with an open sky and the freedom of the birds.


Jesus Said Video Title Graphic

Jesus Said What Grams

Jesus Said What Study Guide[facebook_like_button]

Doug Mains & the City Folk

Nov 2, 2013 //


“Where Classical Sophistication Meets Front Porch Intuition”

The challenge behind this logo was to visually represent the mix of sounds created by these musicians. Their style has roots with classically trained string musicians as well as the much more instinctual writing of a singer songwriter.[facebook_like_button]

Thrive With Less

Nov 1, 2013 //


This logo represents a group of people united behind the idea that true joy can be found apart from the accumulation of possessions. For use in a documentary as well as their online social media presence, this logo represented what they stand for. As the project stands for cutting out the excess in one’s life to discover what ultimately matters, I did the same with the letterforms; eliminating the excess while maintaining the ability to convey the message.




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